Windyty will use a new name: Windy

When I created my project in 2014, I was looking for nice and short windy name and free .com domain. I ended up with the name Windyty which is perfectly easy to pronounce in Czech and German language (most of my friends are Czechs, Swiss and Italians).

Unfortunately English speaking nationals struggled to pronounce and remember Windyty. Therefore I decided to rename Windyty to Windytv. This was the biggest mistake in our short history and the majority of our users still use the name Windyty, making it one big mess.

And since I have always wanted Windyty to be fast and simple, I have decided to shorten our name to Windy.

So from now on, we are Windy and we will use as our domain name.

All your links and bookmarks will continue to work forever. No action from your side is required.

Enjoy new name and shorter domain!

Ivo & Windy team