Windyty 5.3 is here

Ever since Windyty was born, I have been asking myself a question:
If checking the weather can be even faster.

And here it is at

Windyty 5.3 introduces Search mode and Map mode - and you will love it.

To use Windyty even faster, do not forget to use keyboard shortcuts:

Search mode:

  • [esc] - clears search window
  • [esc][esc] - clears search window and switches to Map mode
  • [arrow down, up] - iterates through search results or forecasted days
  • [enter] - shows forecast for selected location, or location detail

Map mode:

  • [tab] - switches to Search mode
  • [arrow down, up] - changes overlays
  • [arrow left, right] - changes times
  • [page up, down] - changes altitude of wind