Windyty 5.0 is here

A lot of good internet sites failed...

They failed, because the were adding new and new features, and after while, they become big and slow. And eventually they forgot to do well the basic thing, that make them popular in the first place.

Do not worry, Windyty will not end like that.

Let me introduce Windyty 5.0, the biggest change since Windyty was born.

Major changes:

  • 20% smaller codebase (it loads faster)
  • Runs 2-3 times faster and 5 times faster on slow network
  • Requires less computer memory and less CPU resources
  • Runs even on very slow mobile phone, including Android
  • The size of data files has been reduced 5 times, so on very slow network, Windyty will eventually run 5 times faster. Not mentioning the fact, that Windyty is now usable even on the slowest satellite connection.
  • Codebase is now prepared for eventual Windyty API

New features:

  • Windyty now remembers your most popular destinations.
  • Search now contain small map of founded location.
  • Fullscreen mode
  • For sake of good performance on mobile devices, Retina mode is disabled by default, and must be enabled by user

Public beta (testing version) version of Windyty 5.0 can be found here:

Feedback and bug reports:

Please feel free to send us any bug report, or feedback, preferably via this discussion forum, or on Facebook, or Twitter.