Windytv 10.0 is here - what's inside

Breaking changes

  • 2-3 times faster in all aspects (loading, rendering, User Interface interaction)
  • Displays 2-5 times more precise data (depending on overlay)
  • Requires less of your computer CPU and memory (requires only one processor core, while old Windytv required two)
  • Completely new location detail
  • Completely new User Interface

New data layers

  • New clouds layer with precipitation
  • Visibility
  • Swell 1, 2, 3
  • Low, middle and high altitude clouds

New location detail

  • Completely new table-like forecast for any worldwide location
  • Users can select ECMWF, GFS or NEMS forecast model for any location
  • Displays nearest weather station's observations and webcams
  • Compare all three forecast models at once for any worldwide location
  • New waves forecast featuring Waves and Swell 1, 2, 3

New icons on a map

  • Real-time observed wind or temperature at weather stations
  • Forecasted (or rather interpolated) values at cities around the world
  • Map of worldwide paragliding spots (+9000 locations)

Other innovation

  • User Interface: No more folding menus, all overlays and levels are available to you anytime
  • Quick overlays: Select your favourite overlays and show them in your "quick overlays" slider
  • Weather picker can contain coordinates of observed position (user must enable this in settings)
  • Select your preferred time format (24h, 12h)
  • Configure your own colour spectrum for any overlay you want
  • Switch to 3D globe is no more automatic and must be done in menu

Depreciated features

  • Due to the huge infrastructure costs, we do not store historical forecasts