Develop Your Own Windy Plugin

Are you a developer and want to customize Windy according to your liking? Want to display the points of interest that you are missing? Then check out our new Windy Plugin system and develop all the features that you'd like to see on Windy!

It is still "developers only" release, so we expect your input and feedback now. If you know the basics of Javascript, you will be mastering Windy Plugins in no time.

As we were forced to remove ecmwf from API4, Windy Plugins are the only way how you can combine your data with a professional forecast and User Interface.

We are fully committed to develop plugins as a major Windy's ecosystem, provide support to developers, and propagate most useful plugins to our 3+ millions active user base.

Inside your plugin, you will be able to get raw meteorological data (even from ecmwf model), as long as all happens in the scope of the plugin.

The roadmap for our plugin ecosystem is:

  • initial tests
  • extend Windy API on a basis of users' requests
  • create a gallery of the most useful plugins
  • create a system enabling anyone to publish their own forecast/climatological model on Windy

For all the docs and examples, check this out: