Windyty 5.2 (alias 3D) is here

I have a friend who makes polar expeditions. He told me once: "Ivo, Windyty is great, but try to look at the south pole there." He was right. For some part of a world Mercator projection is not good.

Let me announce Windyty 5.2 (alias 3D) with globe an some small innovations. I have programmed it in record 14 days, inspired by Cameron Beccario's open source project Earth:

  • From zoom 0 to 4 Windyty is displayed on 3D globe. Higher zooms use old Mercator projection.
  • If you are fan of Mercator, or have really slow device, 3D mode can be disabled in Settings menu (You must reload the browser afterwards).
  • Tested even on slow mobile phones with Android (in Firefox and Chrome, not in Android browser).
  • On slow network globe is even faster then Mercator, because globe data are downloaded just once and stored permanently in browser storage.
  • Map now contains lat/lon grid.
  • Timeline contains "Yesterday" and easy option to display data from last days.
  • Historical calendar was a little bit improved, so you can see both: calendar on right side, and at the bottom of the page.

Enjoy Windyty 3D and report any issues