Windytv adds airgrams, freezing levels, cloud tops and other improvements

New version of (v10.55) brings these new features and improvements:

  • Airgrams based on ECMWF or GFS model
  • We have abandoned plans for pilotgrams since forecasted visibility is not good. Instead of that you will find cloud base part of meteogram.
  • Performance improvements in meteograms
  • Fixed bug: Click on a webcam opens player. Player is now accessible even in mobile version
  • Better UI in spot forecast. Bottom controls stick to the same position
  • As we have promised, meteogram is now part of airport page

Previous release (v10.54)

  • Performance improvements (~20% faster loading and start-up)
  • New weather layers for pilots: Freezing levels, cloud tops
  • Favourites now display metars in RAW mode
  • Beautifull temperature graph is now used on HP and favs and basic spot forecast
  • Fixed bug: Favs are sorted alphabetically
  • Fixed bug, when meteogram clouds were not exactly aligned with timeline
  • NAM model (USA) upgraded to 3km resolution
  • Better user interface for tablets and mobile in landscape mode


All the innovations are available on and in our iOS/Android apps.