The third type is Stratocumulus lenticularis

Stratocumulus in the shape of lens or almonds or sometimes beans is called Stratocumulus lenticularis (Sc len). It is often very elongated with smooth and sharp outlines and it is either composed of small elements, closely grouped together or consists of one more or less smooth and usually dark unit.

This species is quite rare and even rarer appears with irisation. Irisation means that colours are shining from the cloud as a reflection of the sun rays.

The special cloud shape is created by hills an mountains that can push the air up. The orography then possibly can generate the lens or almond shape. Precipitation is not common with this species.

You may say the picture is fake, but watch the sky. Send your photos of lenticularis clouds to get featured on our social media channels!

stratocumulus lenticularis cloud type clasification low level cloud

Image credits: Omnisource5