Europe Weather Forecast: Storms in Mediterranean

As the weather in Europe is getting colder, storms are appearing above the Mediterranean Sea. One will appear on Saturday above southern Greece and will travel east to Turkey. There the light storm reaches its end on Monday morning above the western and southern shores and quickly vanishes bringing up to 25 mm of rainfall per 3 hours.

Greater storm will form on Tuesday morning in the south Italy and above Sicily. It reaches its maximum in the evening, but not above Italy. Heavy thunderstorm will hit Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania and Greece causing heavy rain up to 26 mm per 3 hours. In the middle Croatia and in the mountains a freezing rain is expected.

Both of the storms have origin in Africa and its warm winds either southerly (from continent) and south-westerly (from shores of the Atlantic ocean). In the Mediterranean is now a border between the cold air mass (above Europe) and the warm air mass (above Africa) and so there is the highest chance of storms.