The Weather Radar Composite Is Growing Across Europe And the World!

As we all know, one of the most popular features on is the 'Radar, lightning' overlay.

Its development has always been a work to continue; see this post, and this post, and this post.

A number of new countries have been added into the composite within the new Windy version 18.2 and 18.3, our main data source being

Kudos to @dzuremar, our backend guru, who did a splendid job on it:

<em>center</em>shadow_radar.png Radar composite at this moment!

<em>center</em>shadow New radars in Europe

<em>center</em>shadow Iceland

<em>center</em>shadow Madeira

<em>center</em>shadow Latvia and Lithuania

<em>center</em>shadow Russia

<em>center</em>shadow Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia

<em>center</em>shadow Greece, Turkey, Israel

<em>center</em>shadow the United Arab Emirates

<em>center</em>shadow India, China

<em>center</em>shadow Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines

<em>center</em>shadow Australia, Oceania and New Zeland

<em>center</em>shadow Reunion and Mauritius

<em>center</em>shadow Argentina, Brazil

<em>center</em>shadow Mexico, Caribbean and Bermuda