Ozone decline in the Lower Stratosphere

This year a four year report about the ozone concentration in the Atmosphere was published by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). The report claims that the total ozone in latitudes 60°S - 60°N has no significant trend. Also, the Ozone hole over the South pole is recovering, but still occuring every year.

Another report written by William T. Ball et al. points out increase and decline in different layers. While in the upper Stratosphere and in the Troposphere the Ozone is increasing, there is a great reduction in ozone in the Lower Stratosphere. The problem is that most of the ozone lies in the lower Stratosphere and therefore we are losing our main Ozone layer.


The Montreal Protocol signed in 1998 works, it stopped the general declination of ozone, but there is still much to do to recover the ozone in our Atmosphere!