Noctilucent clouds are the indicators of the climate change

Last time we wrote about the Noctilucent Clouds, where and when to see them and what exactly they are. But it is not all. This summer an article “On the Anthropogenic Impact on Long-Term Evolution of Noctilucent Clouds” by F.-J. Lübken and others was published. It shows that the frequency of the NLC has increased!

The first NLC was observed in 1885 after volcanic eruption of Krakatoa, when a lot of water was gasped into the mesosphere. Since then there was one NLC per decade observed, but now there is a few of them per year! It is due to an increasing amount of methane (CH4) produced by machines and factories and spread in the atmosphere. The methane then reacts with oxygen:

CH4 +2 O2 → 2 H2 O + CO2

More water means more NLC. The climate change (specifically the climatological change in methane) can be observed by the Noctilucent Clouds. So, have you seen any of them? Send us the photo, video or even painting!

Noctilucent clouds visible from space

Noctilucent clouds visible in a deep twilight 🎬 Oleg Artemyev Learn more about the noctilucent clouds at

Posted by Windy on Thursday, December 6, 2018