Missing historical data on Windy? Here's what to do

We'd like to bring historical data back to Windy, but there's a catch. Being a team of seven people, we have to prioritize what we'll develop next.

Historical data—or weather forecast archive—was quite a hot topic in our forum when we took this feature down. That time we've experienced huge wave of negative feedback...

Please please please bring this back. It is really useful for my work and that of my colleagues.

I cannot find anymore the past/historical weather, which is also very important for my research work (tracing Sargassum East of the Caribean Islands).

It is a pity because historical data a really useful for deciding on sailing routes!

Early January I could access data back to 2 years ago at least (IIRC), it's a real shame you ditched that functionality.

Please! include historical data (at least for one model and few variables)... it was very usefull on Windy....

I'm making a research and working with historical data. Last year I found some importante data here but with the changes in server I lost everything

Historical data is of great importane in education. Please bring it back.

I'm a snowboarder and it was cool to see a big dump reported then get on Windy and look at the weather set up that created the conditions for the big dump, looking back helped to look forward!

I often use your site to plan field deployments of my atmospheric instruments, but it was also VERY helpful to be able to go back and look at the winds aloft once I finish processing my data.

Ivo promised that he would try to bring historical data back to Windy later in 2017.

Now it's time to revisit the idea of a global weather archive on Windy. But, like I said, we have to prioritize. For example, if we could manage just a 1% speed improvement of Windy, it would positively affect a few million of our users. You get the idea.

So here's the deal. If we can together persuade 10 thousand people to join this Facebook group, we'll start looking for a solution. If you miss browsing historical data on Windy, please join this group and add/invite as many people as possible (don't worry, it won't be a paid feature).

It would be really cool to have the archive back. But there has to be a reasonable demand for it.

Please, join us on our quest to bring the weather archive back to Windy.