Love Windy? Hack Windy. Contributors Wanted

If you like Windy and if you are a programmer, here is how you can help us. If you would like to develop one of these components, and release it as an Open Source on GitHub, we would have more time to concentrate on core development of Windy.

Right now we are working on:
  • Map city labels that are faster and require much less bandwidth
  • Internal system for better testing of new releases
  • Weather radar in Europe and other countries
  • iOS widget
  • Warning system for extreme weather situations
  • ...

Here is a list of utils/projects/codes that would benefit not only Windy, but the whole community:

Geospatial timezone library for node.js

The problem: For each point forecast request (imagine hundreds rqst per a second) we need to determine users timezone. We currentlly use library, that we have improved to this condition The lib is fast but it uses obsolete polygons that do not contain coastal waters. Therefore we need a new library or we need to improve the old one. Also there are oceanic time zones and it it would be nice for the lib to include them too:

Possible solution: There is new library but, which is unusable since it a) uses blocking ops, 2) opens geoshape on the request 3) trashes opened data afterwards. As an inspiration good, but what about having all the shapes in-memory to make it blazing fast. And to simplify the shapes to reduce memory. Writing this library for high performance can be the challenging task, you are maybe waiting to. Make it fast, make it stable, make it OpenSource and each forecast request on Windy, will use your library.

Aeronautical Chart on Windy

The problem: Windy is used by thousands of pilots and drone operators every day and we would love to offer them schematic map of airspaces. As you are aware we use (version 0.77), and if this map would be delivered as map tiles, that would cost us minimum changes in client side part (that we keep so small and blazing fast).

Possible solution: There is project with raw data and maybe even other data source. And there is that could render mercator tiles. Data are here, the tools are here. Just remember that Windy renders color layer behind map tiles, so we use transparent PNG's as map tiles. And not to mention that 70% of all devices have retina screen. If this project would be in form of some utils for Mapnik would be great. Make it good, make it OpenSource and flying community would love you.

Sea depths and Marine Chart on Windy

The problem: Fishermen, surfers, boaters and sailors would love to have sea depths map on Windy, maybe including marine navigational marks. Is this available as na open data? If yes let's make it as map for Windy.

The solution: Everything what applies for "aeronautical chart" applies also here.

System for user's donations

The problem: We would like to continue our future as non-commercial entity, because I think, this is a good thing. And our users actually want to donate, which is good thing. but all the donation based solutions we have investigated have two things in common: 1) They require registration on their own donation site or/and 2) They are blocked in some parts of a World and/or 3) They speak only english. But what about us. We have our own registered users, and surprisingly from all over the world, and we support 44 languages. What about us?

The solution: Develop system for donation that would be as an Open Source and any website would be able to use it, hack it, integrate it, improve it. How these donations work? Donors can choose if they want to contribute one time payment or on a monthly basis. Amounts of such payments is chosen by donor himself and in case of recurrent payment, he can cancel the payment anytime he wants. User are authenticated via oauth, since anyone who will use the system, already has some registered group. All this can be localized to many languages, people can pay via PayPal or credit card and they can contribute from most of the part of the World.

Technologies: Well the choice is yours, since you are the developer. But we love node.js, mongo, mySQL or any database that is stable and widely used. And as of front end, well nothing beats pure vanilla JS but I guess that everything else is good. We know vue, riot js, react we love the concept of Svelte.technlogy.

How to proceed

Just drop a line here in this thread and start your project.


Our team (Tomas Z., the most important person, is missing)

Our commitment to open source

I am committed to Open Source. My 3D mapping start-up Melown that I have founded and invested together with Ondrej Prochazka few years before Windy was born, released more than 50.000 lines of code as Open Source You can think of Melown as a Leaflet 3D together with backend components.


However, Windy is evolving so fast and organically that separating our custom made code (used for running website) from components that can be reused as open source components would cost us enormous amount of work and slow our development process.