Track All Hurricanes with Windy!

Yet another improvement of Windy is here: the "Active Hurricanes" feature with the whole track view! From now on, it is much easier to locate tropical storms with this practical and very sophisticated tool.

You can find a small preview once you open the web / mobile app, or in the Menu:


Just click on the name of the one you want to track, and it brings you to its location on the map. You can also get some more detailed info about the wind storms (events) such as their type, the category (it is the number in the circle), their coordinates, and their speed.

For example, in this picture we can see the super-typhoon Trami, its properties and its position on the map:


We also added a tool that helps you see the previous track on the map, so now we are able to see the whole track of any hurricane together with its current position and all the corresponding data.

Have a look at this re-emerging hurricane Leslie:


Stay safe and give us your feedback!