Extra information source to plan an escape from the reach of typhoon

Gdynia Maritime University's frigate Dar Młodzieży had to escape from the reach of typhoon Yutu. "Thanks to your app we had an extra information source to plan our escape", Piotr Lewandowski told us.

(Read the story below the video)

After leaving Hong Kong, Dar Młodzieży had to face the typhoon Yutu raging in the Philippines area (in the Philippines he has taken the lives of several people, and several dozen are still considered missing).

The trajectory did not look very optimistic (it was supposed to catch up with us), the weather conditions did not help on Taiwan Strait, which we had to overcome on our way to Osaka. A few-meter wave, current and north-easterly wind reaching 40kt, effectively slowed us to the speed of about 1kt on full ahead and forced the decision to change course to the coast of Taiwan, where we were to seek shelter from what nature prepared.

In the evening of October 29th, we were turning east, we set sails and still supported by the engine, set off on a 300-mile route to shelter. It was not without losses, some of the sails surrendered to the wind and finished in shreds or gad to be pulled down.

The strongest blasts we've seen have reached 60kt, waves over 5m in height, or 10 in the Beaufort scale like nothing.

31.10 was calmer, while 1.11 again greeted us with stormy weather - it was the tail of Yutu. The next two sails dropped out of use, we noticed wind gusts of over 70kt ... in other words, we have three days of fighting with the force of nature behind us, including the eleven Beaufort in a full scale. Time for a small inventory, required repairs and corrections, at this time we sail around Taiwan from the south and start heading towards Osaka passing it by the port side :)