How to Set up a Windy Alert

Want to be informed well in advance about the upcoming weather conditions that you need, or the opposite, that you don't need at all? :) Windy can help with this!

On or in your mobile app, just select any place in the world and click "Alert for this spot":


Set up the weather conditions for Wind, Waves, Rain, New snow, and Temperature + overall weather that you want to meet all together. If you like, you can even rename your alert (optional).

Please note, the criteria operator is "AND" – which means that ALL conditions must be met (not only some of them) in order for you to receive an email alert.

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Add your time preferences (hours, days, duration), forecast model and the email address where you wish to receive your alerts.

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When ALL your conditions are met, you will receive a nice email:


But not only that. When you are logged in, you can check all your favorite spots at and see whether your conditions are met:


If you suspect you are not receiving alerts that do meet all your conditions, please send us the ID of the alert(s) via

You can read the ID at the bottom of the particular alert settings (Favorites >> "Edit alert" >> "ID of this alert: ..... "), or alternatively in its URL.

If there is anything that you would like to improve on this feature, let us know.

Enjoy and stay safe!