Cumulus is the most beautiful cloud

Everybody once looked at the sky and saw a cloud that looks like some animal, country or symbol. That was probably a cloud called Cumulus. But what the Cumulus really is?

As we mentioned in the previous post, Cumulus is a low-level cloud (the highest are around 2,000 m (6,500 ft) above our heads. You can recognize him for his sharp outlines, vertically and horizontally development and its head often looks like a cauliflower. It sometimes looks like a fluffy blanket on a floor.

Cumulus rarely brings rain or snow and it is only in form of showers.

Have you ever taken a photo of a Cumulus with nice or strange shapes? Send us!

Cumulus cloud types with strange, beautiful and interesting shapes

Image credits: World meteorological organization, Rabbit, Heart by dedeanna2001, Horse by nirupamakaar