Contributors wanted: Develop editor for creative commons database of kiting spots

The problem

We have a lot of demands and complaints that kiting spots on Windy do not contain any further details, and that you have no chance to add a new kiting spot. We believe that there is widespread demand for a free creative commons database of kiting / windsurfing / snowkiting spots.

We believe that this creative commons database can help other kiting buddies to avoid all dangers associated with this sport.


If you are a programmer, wanting to help other kiters, we would be happy if you decide to develop an open source web application for adding / editing kiting spots.

How this should work?
  • You will develop a web application for adding and editing spots, using the technology you like. The codes of the app should be, in our opinion, open sourced and hosted on gitHub.
  • The condition is that the resulting spot database is creative commons and it is easy for any other party to download and use the database.
  • Windy will provide free hosting for these apps with a nice domain name
  • Windy will provide our own kiting spots database (4000+ spots) that you can import to database for start.
  • Windy will place a link from to in order to guarantee that this site will have its users and spots contributors.
  • Windy will enable you to use registration and authentication of – so you do not need to develop it yourself.
  • Windy will send you a Windy cap and a Windy towel (the only swag we have so far).
What the database should contain

We believe that such a database should contain structured data including the type of spot (waves/flat/chop), wind directions, waves directions, riding seasons, spot description, dangers, and so on.

The inspiration can be that does exactly the same, but unfortunately as proprietary data. As you can see, Kiteforum collects way too much data about each spot. We believe that less information about each spot will motivate more kiters to contribute.


How to proceed

Just let us know that you are interested and we can go!