Announcing the winners of the weather photo contest

#WindyPOTM weather photo contest gets bigger!

In January, we've received more than 100 amazing weather related pictures. And you - our fans and followers on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram - decided who's the winner of this years first round of the #WindyPOTM contest.

Here's the top 10, see the pictures below. Congrats to the the winners and thank you all for the participation.

1.Caroline Lowe: That is not the sun, it is in fact a fire caused by a previous lightning strike!622Twitter, Facebook, Instagram
2.Ron Gomez Hoff: Triple Rainbow over San Martin Island474Twitter, Facebook, Instagram
3.Sailing Yacht Eight: Stirred and shaken403Twitter, Facebook, Instagram
4.WilderGarden: Gorgeous post-storm double rainbow over Sooke Basin, BC387Twitter, Facebook, Instagram
5.Giuliano Merlo: Mount Etna sunset374Twitter, Facebook, Instagram
6.Taylon Schmidt: Huge CB at Venice, FL332Twitter, Facebook, Instagram
7.Michael S: Photo from the air318Twitter, Facebook, Instagram
8.Bob Carter: Pyrocumulus cloud from Timbarra bushfire, south-east Australia318Twitter, Facebook, Instagram
9.Juliano Bahia: Lovely place in the world, Tromsø, Norway308Twitter, Facebook, Instagram
10.Rafał Wrzochol: UFO cloud in Oxelösund, Sweden297Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

Enjoy the pictures!

10. Rafał Wrzochol

UFO cloud

ufocloud-windy-weather-photo-Rafal-Wrzochol.jpg Location: Oxelösund, Sweden

9. Juliano Bahia

Lovely place in the world

Windy-weather-photo-Tromso-Norway.jpg Location: Tromsø, Norway

8. Bob Carter

Pyrocumulus cloud from Timbarra bushfire

Pyrocumulus-cloud-Timbarra-bushfire-south-east-Australia.jpeg Location: South-east Australia

7. Michael S

Photo from the air

windy-photo-contest-taiwan-michael-s.jpg Location: Taiwan

6. Taylon Schmidt

Huge Cumulonimbus

huge-Cumulonimbus-weather-photo-Schmidt.jpg Location: Venice, Florida

5. Giuliano Merlo

Mount Etna sunset

Mount-Etna-sunset-weather-photo.jpg Location: Sicily, Italy

4. WilderGarden

Gorgeous post-storm double rainbow

Gorgeous-post-storm-double-rainbow-British-Columbia.jpeg Location: Sooke Basin, British Columbia

🏅 3. Sailing Yacht Eight

Stirred and shaken

Sailing-Yacht-Eight-Stirred-and-shaken.jpeg Location: Club Marítim Roc de Sant Gaietà

🏅 2. Ron Gomez Hoff

Ron Gomez Hoff: Triple Rainbow

Triple-rainbow.jpeg Location: San Martin Island La Chorera, Ensenada, Mexico

🥇 1. The Winner: Caroline Lowe

That is not the sun, it is in fact a fire caused by a previous lightning strike!

Lightning-windy-weather-photo-Caroline-Lowe.jpeg Location: Melbourne, Australia

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