All your favourites on one page. Sync all on cloud!

This is an absolutely monster step in our history

  1. Windytv supports login/registration now. Go to Menu > Login/Register and sing up. Username and password is, in fact, the same as in our Community server.

  2. When you are logged in, after clicking on your avatar, all your Favourites will be seen, with the ability to delete or rename any of them.

  3. When logged in, all your favourites and settings will be synced with all the devices you log in (our iOS and Android apps will support this in the future, too).

How it works

It works the same way as with your phone and cloud backup. Your favourites and settings are stored in your browser, but if you log in, they are synced and backed up to the cloud. So if you log out, the browser will still have all your settings stored.

The fun begins when you use more usernames on one device. This hasn't been solved yet.



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